The films below were Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited by Collin O’Brien. 
These films could not have been achieved without the amazing help of great Cast and Crews!



Prairie Pirates – Proof Of Concept for a TV-Series

Standing Guard_2.1.1_2.1.1

Short Teaser (2019)

(trailer coming soon…)

When a Sheriff’s wife goes missing, he has to fight his morals and team up with an unlikely crew of banditos in order to face the French-led group of Robin Hood style criminals who operate under a facade of chivalry and heroism.

(Short Film in Post-Production)




Finding Happy – Short Film

Finding Happy Youtube Cover

Best Comedy – Copa Short Film Festival 2019

Best Story Winner – Scottsdale Short Film Festival 2018

Audience Choice Winner – Scottsdale Short Film Festival 2018

Arizona College Film Festival – Chosen to represent The Scottsdale School of Film & Theatre for Best Film 2018

Best Cinematography Winner – Scottsdale Short Film Festival 2017

Finding Happy – Trailer





The Bounty – Short Film – 16mm

The Bounty_Movie Poster.JPG

My first short film shot in 2015 on a 16mm Canon Scoopic.

Best Drama Winner based on Scripting, Acting, Directing, Lighting, and Editing – Maricopa Community Colleges Film/Media Arts Competition.

The Bounty – 16mm Film – Full Short (2015)



Rise Up – Short Animation

Rise Up Screenshot.png

My first animation film made in 2015.

Official Selection for the Scottsdale Short Film Festival 2016.

Rise Up – Full Short (2015)